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Is Roger Federer finished

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Having one only one tournament all of this year, is the era of Roger Federer over?
Defending the motion


Tennis players in their 30s tend not to be great. And the guys he has to go through - the Djokovics and Murrays and Nadals - these guys are super talented and want to build their own legacies. One riv al might have been overcome. But three? I just think it is a bridge too far - even for someone as great as Federer..
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Against the motion


Is it time for Federer to go? No. But it is time for the Swiss Master to reinvent himself. Federer needs to change the way he approaches the game - add a few new tactics. Something, anything to put th e opponents off their game. Everyone knows his game well and they now, after many many years have figured out, how to beat it.
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