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Is BJP wrong to bet it all on Modi?

Votes: 59700

Is the BJP's decision to rally around the Gujarat Chief Minister one that is miscalculated?
Defending the motion


The battle of words over Amartya Sen's statements and a US visa shows that the BJP has decided to put all its chips on the Gujarat Chief Minister. While the arrival of Narendra Modi has polarized Indi a's voters it could also result in the BJP losing a chunk of its traditional voters due to their discomfort over the Gujarat Chief Minister and the allegations surrounding him. There are other candidates who despite being equally or more right leaning, like MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who could have wider appeal as more moderate leaders. To rely only on Modi's charisma to take them past the post could be a foolhardy one, and the BJP should perhaps be looking at a more pragmatic choice.
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Against the motion


The Bharatiya Janata Party has gone too far ahead with Narendra Modi and is just short of announcing him formally as a prime ministerial candidate. Whether the party likes him or not, backtracking on Modi now will portray the party in a poor light as indecisive, infested with infighting and lacking unity. Making Modi campaign head, giving his aides key positions and muted voice from other capable leaders have only bolstered his position. If there is a cacophony of voices within BJP against Modi now, it will be seen as a mutiny rather than mere opposition against the planned upsurge of an individual 'Hindu nationalist'.
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