Infosys was right to call Narayana Murthy back

Durga Raghunath

After a slew of poor results, Infosys is likely at a point where it needs to boost employee morale to increase productivity and client confidence for better margins. It is also likely that they could not have waited another six months or a year for a new name to settle in. Given these considerations, it is a smart move to bring back Founder and IT icon Narayana less read more

Rajesh Pandathil

Infosys should not have called back NR Narayana Murthy. I say this not because I doubt Murthy’s credentials but because it is high time the company spotted a new leader. Over the last seven years after Murthy’s resignation from the company’s executive post, there was ample time for the senior executives of the company to introspect and find out what was the mistake with its leadership structure. The steady increase in attrition should have rung alarm bells long back. Disillusionment of the lower rung employees is the first signal of the brewing trouble. A close study of the reasons behind this would have revealed the inherent problems plaguing the leadership. Moreover, in the last few years, the information technology services market has changed a lot. Wouldn’t a young leader be in a better position to understand the current market pulse? Murthy’s brand of conservatism is unlikely to work in the current aggressive less read more