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India should fly back injured Pakistan prisoner Sanaullah Haq

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Given the war of words of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh's death in a Pakistani jail, should India send back Pakistani prisoner Sanaulllah Haq?
Defending the motion


The incident in which a Pakistani prisoner was severely beaten in a Jammu jail is a matter of shame that has also caused India to lose its moral high ground against Pakistan. India has vociferously c riticised Pakistan for being unable to look after an Indian citizen in their custody and now finds itself in the same position. For a country that has been preaching humanitarianism to Pakistan, India should look at showing some of it and send Sanaullah Haq home if his condition is as critical as is being stated.
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Against the motion


Sanaullah Haq is a prisoner under the Indian law and should remain in the custody of the Indian state as long as adequate medical care can be provided to him. Merely transferring him to Pakistan to pr ove a point could even set off a chain reaction of demanding every Pakistani prisoner injured in a Indian jail to be transferred home. Unless it is certain that the best possible treatment can be obtained for Sanaullah only in Pakistan or a third country, there is no need to send him back home.
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