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India should call off talks with Pakistan

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In light of the recent killing of 5 soldiers along the LoC, should India call off its talks with Pakistan
Defending the motion


The question before New Delhi now isn’t whether or not to talk with Pakistan: talking won’t cost anything other than a few air fares and hotel rooms, but unless there’s a clearly thought through compellance strategy, it won’t work either.The Pakistani generals understand a better relationship with India is in their best interests. However, they also know that peace will mean confrontation with the very substantial Islamist constituency in Pakistan, and, perhaps more important, eventually giving up their own privileged position in its polity.
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Against the motion


While there is every reason for India to be outraged over the recent incident along the LoC, suspension of diplomacy isn’t a solution. Diplomacy is the only way to ensure there is a mechanism to lod ge a complaint, create a better atmosphere and work towards a more peaceful scenario. The Line of Control as documented by multiple commentators is a violent place with both nations losing men along it, often for little reason barring a long standing feud. Breaking off ties between the two nations will only make things worse, not better.
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