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India is going overboard in the treatment of its diplomat by the US

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The US has acted in accordance with its laws which the Indian diplomat had violated. The Indian diplomat had to face proceedings and while the proceedings could have been toned down, US authorities have clarified that it is in keeping with their treatment of all offenders and no worse. India could have resolved the matter through diplomatic talks and ensuring that such incidents are not repeated in future. Pandering to the masses through invective doesn’t serve any purpose.
Defending the motion


Devyani Khobragade is a diplomat representing India and therefore represents the nation. Handcuffing her, submitting her to searches that violate her privacy and treating her like a common criminal in a case regarding a labour law violation despite her diplomatic immunity is indefensible. India has been right in raising the ante against the US. If the two countries are indeed on friendly terms, the treatment of a diplomat in this manner cannot be condoned and merits this level of outrage.
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Against the motion


Diplomats (no matter of his or her nationality) is not bound by the Law of other nation where he or she is working.Arresting and putting a diplomat in some foreign country is not only going against Di plomatic Immunity Law and Geneva Pact but also a great insult to the nation??Did the US authorities asked for permission from India Government before police action on her??
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