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India could benefit from Nawaz Sharif's election as Pakistan President

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Nawaz Sharif has promised to improve ties with India. Should we believe it?
Defending the motion


Nawaz Sharif comes to power after a civilian government completed its term for the first time since independence. If nothing else it may prove that Pakistan is ready to accept decisions made by its ci vilian government rather than its military. While his last attempt at diplomacy was a colossal failure and brought both nations to the brink of war, on this occasion Sharif will have bigger things on his mind including developments on the Afghanistan border.
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Against the motion


In geopolitics, as in life, there's this good rule of thumb: if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Though we're likely to get reams of gushing commentary from candle-waving enthusia sts in coming days, there's reason for caution. Pakistan's army, not the politicians, clearly call the shots on India. This isn't going to change.
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