Gadkari has lost control of the BJP

R Jagannathan

The challenge thrown up by Vijaya Raje Scindia to Gadkari’s leadership is only the latest in a series of failures for the BJP president. He has faced problems with others, including BS Yeddyurappa in Karnataka, and Narendra Modi in Gujarat. In a party where state leaders are stronger than the central command, Gadkari stands no chance of holding his own. Gadkari is a technocrat, and would make a good and efficient minister anywhere. But he is not No 1 material. He has neither the charisma nor the political clout to make sure his writ runs. read less read more

Arun George

Gadkari hasn’t been a national leader before but there’s a good reason why he is still the BJP President despite dissent from state leaders. He has the support of the RSS which finally holds the reins in the BJP. For example with BS Yeddyurappa in Karnataka, Gadkari has been keeping him on hold despite his numerous threats and hasn’t been afraid to ensure his writ is followed. Gadkari hasn’t lost hold of the party but perhaps needs to publicly reassert himself more. read less read more