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Food Bill might be the biggest mistake made in India till date

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Should there have been more opposition and greater consultation before the passage of the well intentioned Food Bill?
Defending the motion


As Vivek Kaul, one of our columnists pointed out in his piece, there's a lot wrong with the manner in which the scheme is being portrayed. The government may have to increase its borrowing to fund the scheme, which in an economy that is tottering doesn't seem like a good idea. Like many of its critics have pointed out, there needed to have been a wider consultative process before the passage of the legislation which has also been ignored. In its hurry to add to its big banner policies that it has introduced in its tenure the Congress may have given India a well intentioned but poorly planned legislation.
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Against the motion


Let's ignore the furious political spin being given to it. If you have heard it right, in Parliament and elsewhere, no party is against it in principle. In fact, all want wider coverage of the poor th an provided under the ordinance. Even Narendra Modi's argument against the bill is not against its core idea per se. His issue is more about the Centre dictating terms to the states. If one has been careful to notice, many states, including those controlled by the BJP, already have better and more expansive food security programmes. The only important addition in the ordinance is the legal guarantee it offers.
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