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At $100 billion, Facebook is the mother of all bubbles

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Whether you're on it on not, Facebook is the most watched IPO in recent times. A few hours before it debuts in the US we ask...
Defending the motion


Online ventures are always overvalued, and Facebook - like MySpace and Bebo before it - will eventually end up worth much less than its shareholders originally thought it was worth. There will always be the next venture that becomes the latest trend - Facebook is a bubble that will burst.
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Against the motion


Facebook isn't a company; it's a global cultural phenomenon - with you at the centre of it. Nearly 1 billion people - one in every seven people on earth - are on it. Millions of people LIVE on it. It' s influenced the way business, politics and society operate. It makes money, is growing aggressively, and its brand identity is to die for. It's not a bubble; it's the mother of all IPOs.
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