Amarnath is right: Dhoni should be out of the Indian Test team

Durga Raghunath

MS Dhoni was likely never meant for test cricket. Test cricket requires specialist keepers and a flexible captain who can plan for sessions. Unorthodox instinct which worked for Dhoni in T20s and one day cricket, does not work in test cricket. In today’s age of extreme schedules we need different captains for different formats. That we do not have choices is not reason enough to let Dhoni be for it sends out the wrong message. If Dhoni’s strength was his ability to treat victory and defeat the same, now it seems like he has taken it too less read more

Ashish Magotra

Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman have just retired. Umesh Yadav is perpetually injured. Zaheer Khan and Sachin Tendulkar are out of form. Virat Kohli is struggling as well. Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag are no longer as dangerous as they used to be and everyone wants Dhoni out of a job. A captain's only as good as his team and India's problem at the moment is the team and not the captain. This was the scenario everyone was afraid of -- it's happening and it's the first real low that Dhoni has experienced as a skipper. Let's give him some time to fight back. Surely, we owe him that less read more