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Action against entertainers like Yo Yo Honey Singh is pointless

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An FIR has been filed against the popular rapper and he has been accused of perpetrating crimes against women. But is it a case of misguided rage?
Defending the motion


Two weeks after the horrific gangrape we seem to be on a hunt for everything that we deem to have ever affected the cause of women. In this case ‘rapper’ Yo Yo Honey Singh has faced the music with an FIR lodged against him and forced not to perform at one venue. The irony lies in the fact that the offending song was sung years ago when he perhaps when he was on his way up and perhaps wanted to create controversy. To reduce rape and sexual assault it isn’t simple enough to blame only popular culture for it. There’s a lot more to blame for it than songs, films and other material in popular culture.
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Against the motion


Action against Honey Singh’s music is definitely required. While it might appear hypocritical to some that we are waking up to the misogyny of his music a bit too late, the fact remains that this is the first time that mass protests have made people realise that perhaps there is a need to introspect popular culture too. Honey Singh is just one example of various kinds of music that often propagate sexual violence against women. While I don’t support censorship of his music, I would say the fact that an online petition against his music, cancellation of his show etc indicates that on some level a section of the public has understood why we need to question such popular culture and is now raising their voice.
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