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AAP phenomenon proves that there is a political alternative for India.

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The ten month old Aam Aadmi Party looks set for a phenomenal run in the Delhi elections. Does this signal a new phase in Indian politics?
Defending the motion


AAP's story - where a ten month old party looks set to become the largest political party in Delhi, is proof that the way everyone plays politics in India is not the 'only' way to do so. The public discourse of both the Congress and BJP in Delhi is mothballed, and predictable. Kejriwal is also smartly avoiding the Congress BJP slug-fest that must have turned most voters off by now. No secular-communal hand-wringing, no who's-in-more-muck allegations - and this seems to be working for voters. He is showing jaded voters that they are not always stuck having to choose between more of the same.
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Against the motion


While AAP and Arvind Kejriwal's rise is undoubtedly the stuff that feel good 'the small guy wins' movies are made of, let's not jump the gun here. Can we respect what Kejriwal has achieved in a shor t span of time? yes. Can we go so far as to call him a political alternative? no. First, we all know that when it comes to opinion polls, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Second, success in Delhi cannot be translated to success in the rest of India. Delhi is the only state in India with a majority urban population and what works for Delhi may not work anywhere else.
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