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    A Third Front government is impossible, opting for it is a wasted vote.

    Votes: 16778

    11 wannabe PMs..Who are frustrated
    Defending the motion


    the biggest hurdle for this ragtag bunch is that - their past has too much baggage and liabilities which can prove to be expensive for the entire bunch. say something blows up each of these will take their own path. opportunism has been their first name, and that also is a dragdown.the biggest hurdle of it all is that each of them thrived on a narrow regional issues, local fiefdom, and with little wriggle room because of their own selfish will they rise above all of it. national parties tend to let the smaller "offending" entities burn, and they will say you are a liability to the party. take for example YSR/ yeddy etc. no support is extended if they "get caught". I presume there's a secret clause to it internally. externally they pretend to fight and also fool their supporters. in case of these 11 - they are the party heads - suppose they are trapped, they will take an all or nothing course. clearly untenable
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    Against the motion


    "The electorate is convinced by neither" regional parties are the offending parties each time. half the good work has been stalled by the regional parties.worse still - none of these regional partie s are any better than national parties. in fact, some of the regional parties dont even do good to their own region. look at bihar, and lalu for example.sorry, have to disagree with you !
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    Rahul Gandhi botched up his first televised interview in a decade

    shanthi_k Jan 31, 2014

    Those are from congress media cellTill yesterday it was 11 percent only...They are using software to post comments, I suspect that they are controlling servers of media houses.For 500 crore you can do so manything.

    AAP, Kejriwal were right to hold protest rally against Delhi Police

    manish Jan 22, 2014

    yeah so? do dharna,, did u got delhi plice under u wuth dharna? Bloody you wound up dharna as u were given ultimatum to vacate place else forced evacuation would have hapened

    Rahul Gandhi is the best choice for the Congress as PM candidate

    papa g Jan 16, 2014

    He was a good leader not good man...because good man will never join congress. and scindia's are famous for their behaviour with Jhansi ki Rani so i can't trust them...i am sorry

    The Prime Minister is right: Corruption scandals have been overblown

    Indian Jan 05, 2014

    I wonder still 11% think that MMS is right????

    AAP is right to take Congress support to form the next Delhi govt

    jamal jamal akhter jamal Dec 25, 2013

    very very good sir ji...