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Feb 26, 2015

What happened to your Rs 10,000 cr startup fund, Mr Jaitley?

Industry leaders allege that beyond the budget announcements, the implementation of the scheme has been poor on the ground. #analyst #Arun Jaitley #Budget2015 #Chandrakant Salunkhe #DICCI #Economy #IT #MAIT #Milind Kamble #MSME #Sanchit Gogia

Feb 25, 2015

Around 64% Indian buyers prefer shopping via mobile despite bad network

Internet speed and connectivity continue to be a major challenge in India. Yet, 64 percent of Indians are willing to make more purchases using their smart phones in 2015 as compared to 2014. Around 37 percent expect the same quality and speed of performance when shopping on their mobile like on the Internet. Internet speed […] #China #India #Indian consumers #Mobiles #Online shopping #shopping experience #Survey

Feb 18, 2015

Money laundering case: Swiss prosecutor orders probe, search ops at HSBC offices

The search was taking place at HSBC's Swiss headquarters headed by the Geneva cantonal prosecutor general Olivier Jornot, assisted by another top prosecutor, Yves Bertossa. #HSBC #NewsTracker #Olivier Jornot #SwissLeaks case #Yves Bertossa
Sulekha Nair

Feb 3, 2015

Godharis of Maharashtra: Elevating the oft-used quilts to the level of art

Making of a godhari is a long-drawn process and can take up to 3 months to finish. They are made purely for functional and personal use. #Exhibition #Geeta Khandelwal #godhari #Maharashtra #nandibail #OnlyInIndia #quilt

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Mahesh Vijapurkar
Mahesh Vijapurkar likes to take a worm’s eye-view of issues – that is, from the common man’s perspective. He was a journalist with The Indian Express and then The Hindu and now potters around with human development and urban issues.
Arjun Parthasarathy
Arjun Parthasarathy has spent 20 years in the financial markets, having worked with Indian and multinational organisations. His last job was as head of fixed income at a mutual fund. An MBA from the University of Hull, he has managed portfolios independently and is currently the editor of . The website is for investors who want to invest in the right financial products at the right time.

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Firstpost Community

Jun 29, 2014

Hindi has put Indian culture on the world map

The primary aim of any language is to communicate. We can never imagine our lives without languages, can we? This is because we cannot live without communication. And this is precisely why languages have always played a dominant role in shaping our histories and have influenced the way we think and perceive things. #Hindi #Modi #Narendra Modi government
Firstpost Community

Jun 20, 2014

'Modi is reducing class divide by prioritising Hindi on social media.'

Don't misunderstand Modi's stress on Hindi. He is ensuring that people who speak their mother tongue are not inferior compared to the elite English class. #british #comment #Firstpost Community #Hindi #language #Narendra Modi #PM Modi #social media
Firstpost Community

Jun 16, 2014

'Govt should set up board to regulate NGO funding'

The government should either ban foreign funding of all NGOs altogether or allow this funding only when routed through a specially created autonomous Board. #Blogs #Civil society #comment #Greenpeace #IB #IB Report #India #InMyOpinion #Intelligence Bureau #leaked report #NGO funds #NGOs

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