She's the Boss: If you're contributing and making a difference, gender doesn't matter at workplace, says Molly Kapoor

An exclusive show on Firstpost, She’s The Boss identifies India’s leading business leaders: women who have not only broken glass ceilings but also shattered them. They have transformed industries, advocated gender equality and empowered other women through their work, words and deliberation.

On She’s The Boss we are inspired by these heroic women who are driving change while emulating dignity, grit and poise. We celebrate women who enrich our lives, stand for gender progress, and believe in meritocracy.

Join us on their unique and incredible journey with author Meghna Pant.

Tune into the inaugural episode of She’s The Boss with Molly Kapoor, the head of marketing one of India’s largest asset management company. Kapoor was voted among the 100 Most Influential National Leaders in Marketing and is a financial industry maven with over 18 years of experience.

In this compelling conversation, Meghna speaks to Kapoor about managing reputation, the meaning of success, advice on managing your money and safeguarding your family, and whether women can have it all.


Published Date: Apr 06, 2017 16:22 PM | Updated Date: May 26, 2017 12:28 PM

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