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Now squirt a few drops into water to drink a Coke!

Updated: Sep 7, 2012 17:28 IST

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Coca-Cola's newest drink won't come in a bottle or a can. And people will only need a squirt or two to quench their thirst.

The world's largest beverage company is introducing its Dasani Drops in coming weeks, which can be squeezed into water for some on-the-spot fruity flavor. And Coca-Cola is betting that there's big potential for growth.


The Coca-Cola Co. isn't the first to come out with flavor drops. The category was pioneered by Kraft Food Inc.'s MiO, which was introduced in March of last year and has quickly spawned copycats.

The drops are popular because they come in small, portable containers that can be easily tucked into a purse or pocket. And unlike powdered drink packets, people can easily decide how much they want in their water.

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