India, US chalk out plan against EU's carbon tax scheme

Washington:India has joined the US and 15other major countries in opposing European Union's EmissionsTrading Scheme (ETS) which requires carriers flying to or fromEurope to offset their carbon emissions.

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The two-day meeting hosted by the United States to chalkout a common strategy against the EU's emission trading schemeconcluded on Wednesday.

"They (India) have been clear both in that meeting and anynumber of times thereafter that they are strongly opposed tothe application of the ETS and have had quite strong andvigorous words concerning the application of the ETS toforeign carriers," a senior administration official said oncondition of anonymity.

Since the meeting was held under what is called "ChathamHouse Rules"- which is to say people are encouraged to speakfreely and candidly because what they say isn't going to bereported afterwards-the senior administration official was

not at the liberty to divulge India's point of view during themeeting.

India, in fact, has hosted meetings against EU's ETS inNew Delhi in the past.

"So I think you can get a pretty good flavor of whereIndia stands, looking at other things that they've said, butI'm not going to discuss what they said in this meeting," theofficial said, noting that probably every country outside ofEurope has opposed the emission trading system on both legaland policy grounds.

"But at the same time as we have opposed the applicationof the ETS in that manner, we have been strongly supportiveof the objective ofreducing emissions from aviation," the official noted.

The meeting was convened in Washington with a group ofmajor aviation countries for supporting the process of makingprogress on reducing emissions in the International CivilAviation Organization (ICAO), which is the multilateral bodycharged with handling international aviation.


Published Date: Aug 02, 2012 09:44 AM | Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 11:58 AM