72 new trains this year: Check out the list of 17 premium and 38 express trains

Seventy two new trains are being introduced in financial year 2015, which includes 17 Premium trains, 38 Express trains, 10 Passenger trains, 4 MEMU and 3 DEMU in this year's Interim Railway Budget. Three trains will be extended and frequency of same number of trains will be increased, rail minister Mallikarjun Kharge said today while announcing the interim Railway Budget.

Premium Trains:
Howrah - Pune AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Nagpur, Manmad
Kamakhya - New Delhi AC Express (Weekly) via Chhapra, Varanasi
Kamakhya - Chennai AC Express (Weekly) via Malda, Howrah
Mumbai - Howrah AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Nagpur, Raipur Mumbai - Patna AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Khandwa, Itarsi, Manikpur
Nizamuddin - Madgaon AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Kota, Vasai Road
Sealdah -Jodhpur AC Express (Bi-weekly) via Mughalsarai
Yesvantpur - Jaipur AC Express (Weekly) via Gulbarga, Pune, Vasai Road
Ahmedabad - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express (Tri-weekly) via Palanpur, Ajmer, Rewari
Bandra - Amritsar Express (Weekly) Via Kota, New Delhi, Ambala
Bandra (T) - Katra Express (Weekly) via Kota, New Delhi, Ambala
Gorakhpur - New Delhi Express (Bi-weekly) via Lucknow, Moradabad
Katra - Howrah Express (Weekly) Express via Mughalsarai, Varanasi, Saharanpur
Mumbai - Gorakhpur Express ( Bi-weekly) via Khandwa, Jhansi, Kanpur
Patna- Bangalore Express (Weekly) via Mughalsarai, Chheoki, Manikpur, Nagpur
Yesvantpur - Katra Express (Weekly) via Gulbarga, Kacheguda, Nagpur, New Delhi
Thiruvananthpuram - Bangalore (Yesvantpur) Express (Bi- weekly) via Erode, Tirupattur

Express Trains :

Ahmedabad - Katra Express (Weekly) via Palanpur, Jaipur, Rewari, Hisar, Bathinda, Amritsar
Ahmedabad - Lucknow Jn Express (Weekly) via Palanpur, Jaipur, Bandikui, Mathura, Kasganj
Ahmedabad - Allahabad Express (Weekly) via Jalgaon, Khandwa, Itarsi, Satna, Manikpur
Amritsar - Gorakhpur Express (Weekly) via Saharanpur, Moradabad, Sitapur Cantt.
Aurangabad - Renigunta Express (Weekly) via Parbhani, Bidar, Vikarabad
Bangalore - Chennai Express (Daily) via Bangarpet, Jolarpettai
Bandra (T) - Lucknow Jn Express (Weekly) via Kota, Mathura, Kasganj
Bareilly - Bhopal Express (Weekly) via Chandausi, Aligarh, Tundla, Agra
Bhavnagar - Bandra Express (Weekly) via Ahmedabad
Bhavnagar- Delhi Sarai Rohilla Link Express (Weekly)
Gandhidham - Puri Express (Weekly)
Gorakhpur - Pune Express (Weekly) via Lucknow, Kanpur, Bina, Manmad
Guntur-Kacheguda Double Decker Express (Bi-weekly);
Howrah - Yeswantpur AC Express (Weekly)via Bhubaneswar, Gudur, Katpadi
Hubli - Mumbai Express (weekly) via Bijapur, Sholapur
Hyderabad - Gulbarga Intercity (Daily)
Jaipur - Chandigarh Intercity (Daily) via Jhajjar;
Kacheguda - Tirupati Double Decker Express (Bi Weekly);
Kota - Jammu Tawi Express (Weekly) via New Delhi, Ambala
Kanpur - Bandra (T) Express (Weekly) via Kasganj, Mathura, Kota
Lucknow - Kathgodam Express (Tri-weekly)
Manduadih - Jabalpur Express (Weekly) via Allahabad, Manikpur, Satna
Malda Town - Anand Vihar Express (Weekly) via Amethi & Rae Bareli;
Mannargudi - Jodhpur Express (Weekly) via, Jaipur
Mumbai - Chennai Express (Weekly) via Pune, Gulbarga, Wadi
Mumbai - Gorakhpur Express (Weekly) via Gonda, Balrampur, Barhani (after gauge conversion);
Mumbai - Karmali AC Express (Weekly) via Roha
Nanded - Aurangabad Express (Weekly) via Purna, Parbhani
Nagpur - Rewa Express (Weekly) via Satna
Nagercoil - Kacheguda Express (Weekly) via Karur, Namakkal, Salem
Pune - Lucknow Express (Weekly) via Khandwa, Bhopal, Bina, Jhansi, Kanpur
Ramnagar - Chandigarh Express (Weekly) via Moradabad, Saharanpur
Ranchi - New Jalpaiguri Express (Weekly) via Jhajha, Katihar
Secunderabad - Visakhapatnam AC Express (Weekly) via Kazipeth, Vijaywada
Santragachi - Anandvihar Express (Weekly)
Srigangnagar - Jammu Tawi Express (Weekly) via Abohar, Bathinda, Dhuri
Thiruvananathapuram-Nizamuddin Express (Bi-weekly) one day via Kottayam and one day via Allepey
Varanasi - Mysore Express (Bi-weekly) via Wadi, Daund

Passenger trains :

Bina - Katni Passenger (Daily)
Dekargaon - Naharlagun Passenger (Daily) after completion of new line
Gunupur - Visakhapatnam Passenger (Daily)
Hubli - Belgaum Fast Passenger (Daily)
Jaipur - Phulera Passenger (Daily)
Mannargudi - Mayiladuthurai Passenger (Daily)
Punalur - Kanniyakumari Passenger (Daily) via Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram
Sambalpur - Bhawanipatna Passenger (Daily)
Tatanagar - Chakulia Passenger (Daily)
Tiruchendur - Tirunelveli Passenger (Daily)

MEMU Trains :
Anand - Dakor (Daily 2 services)
Anuppur-Ambikapur (6 days a week)
Delhi - Rohtak Passenger (Daily 2 services)
Santragachi - Jhargram (5 days a week)

DEMU Trains :
Morbi - Maliya Miyana
Ratlam - Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj (Daily) after gauge conversion
Rewari - Rohtak (Daily)

Extension of Trains
14705/14706 Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Sujangarh Express to Jodhpur
15281/15282 Patna - Saharsa Express to Murliganj
5013 / 15014 Kathgodam - Bhagat Ki Kothi Ranikhet Express to Jaisalmer

Increase in Frequency:
16571/16572 Bidar - Yesvantpur Express 3 days to daily
17225/17226 Hubli - Vijayawada Express from 3 days to daily
17319/17320 Hubli - Secunderabad Express from 3 days to daily