SAP Acquires Coghead

According to reports floating around, SAP has acquired Coghead, a provider of visual web-based application editors.

Coghead’s applications allowed users to develop enterprise applications using an intuitive GUI. A recent blog entry confirmed the fact that SAP, who already had a good amount of stake in the company, has finally gone through with the acquisition, and is planning to integrate the company’s IP assets with its own solution sets.

Earlier reports mentioned that Coghead was going to shut down, based on a memo the company sent out to its customers Wednesday. That memo was obtained and published by TechCrunch . Wednesday's memo only said that the company was closing operations and that users would have until April 30 to access their accounts, but did not mention anything about the SAP acquisition.

The move is said to further SAP’s commitment to its customers considering there have been reports of the company and its extensive update procedure, which is why the ERP giant began to offer modular updates.

However, with this acquisition, SAP will be able to provide its customers with a means to build custom applications around the solution. Although further updates are pending from company executives, SAP has already showcased Cogheads functionality at Sapphire ’08.