88% of SMBs see Facebook as top social media marketing channel

About 63 percent of small businesses are actively using digital products to market their businesses. Of those with websites, 59 percent created their websites independently using DIY tools, and 80 percent of website owners are their own webmasters, according to a recently released "Webs Small Business Digital Usage Survey."

The survey of 2,292 small business owners in the US showed that 88 percent of small business owners with social business profiles list Facebook as their top social media channel for marketing purposes, "making it by far the most widely adopted social network for connecting and nurturing customer relationships."
"Small business owners are rapidly embracing digital DIY tools to build their online and social media presence," said Scott Bowen, vice president and general manager of Webs. "The adoption rate of social media platforms among small businesses is accelerating as they look to create brand awareness and engagement with their customers quickly and cost effectively."

Most small businesses have some digital component to their marketing strategy. Whether it's a website or solely a Facebook page, small business owners perceive that an online presence is critical to connecting with customers and marketing effectively.

The survey findings highlighted 61 percent use, or plan to use, a website, online store, or mobile website; 59 percent of those with a website created it with DIY tools; 80 percent of website owners are their own webmasters; and 43 percent of website owners picked a website domain name at or before the time they launched their businesses.

About 46 percent of small business owners have, or plan to create, a social profile for their business; 88 percent of those with social profiles list Facebook as a top social media channel for marketing their businesses, followed by LinkedIn (39 percent), Twitter (31 percent), Google+ (22 percent), Pinterest (20 percent), and YouTube (17 percent). In addition, 65 percent of those with Facebook business profiles use or are considering using Facebook advertising.

Webs believed that most small business owners understand having an online presence is an important element for attracting new customers. 63 percent agree the top motivator for getting a website is to generate new customer leads. Showcasing products and services is second (44 percent) and providing basic company information third (42 percent).

"The top three reasons Facebook users reported for creating a business page were customer acquisition (62 percent), building a network of followers (50 percent), and increasing brand awareness (45 percent)."

Published Date: May 20, 2014 11:57 am | Updated Date: May 20, 2014 11:57 am