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Weekly Firstpost Budget Quiz

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In the run up to Budget 2013, Firstpost will be conducting a special quiz related to past and present budgets starting today.

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Just to make things a little easier here is a short how-to:

1) There are seven questions in the quiz.

2) You cannot answer a question more than once.

3) All the questions are multiple choice.

4) As soon as you answer a question, you will know if you’re right, and if you’re wrong you’ll know what the right answer is.

5) You will also see a total as you move through questions of a count that lets you know how many you have right.

First Published On : Jan 15, 2013 10:37 IST

Multiple Choice Questions

What is the origin of the word budget?
bulga, a little pouch or knapsack, which may have come from a Gaulish source
The Irish bolg, “bag”
The French bougette
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