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This video by Benetton tells you how an altruistic old man is making a tremendous impact in the society

Ok here is the thing- this piece would make you introspect a bit. About what you may ask? A hint – we are celebrating 70 years of Independence!

So, who according to you is an Indian? Someone who is born here will be an Indian, of course, but what else? May be a realization that fills your heart with immense pride when you are called an Indian? Yes, undoubtedly- it’s the spirit! It’s the undying spirit that lets you accept and unites you to millions of people belonging to a number of religions; the spirit, which has over the years brought together and has nurtured innumerable cultures into a single thread of Indianness.

And doing its bit to bring millions of people together is the acclaimed brand United Colors of Benetton. Known for its commitment towards social issues, the brand has been giving out empowering messages through its various campaigns - whether it was the strong message of gender equality on Women’s Day or asking some poignant questions on India’s Republic Day - UCB has been a torchbearer on matters of extreme relevance. And it is at it once again!

UCB’s new message on India’s Independence Day talks about respecting others while knowing who you are, it is about what can you give and not expect, it is about persistence and not rewards, it is about unison and not the comparison and lastly, it is about love and tremendous humility!

Watch UCB’s new video below that underlines the true spirit of being Indian-

This indomitable spirit to serve his brethren is what led this old man to give up a part of his house to help rebuild an abandoned dilapidated temple next to his home in Lucknow. To this place, he feels his connection is beyond words. He derives peace and solace from the unrelenting faith of devotees here. For years now, visiting the devout place has become a ritual for him but this, in no way made him less of a Muslim.

Giving out the most meaningful message of peace and harmonious coexistence, the video below showcases how Noorul Hassan continues to help at the temple but is still a devout Muslim and he stands #Unitedbyfaith!

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Published Date: Aug 15, 2017 14:02 PM | Updated Date: Aug 15, 2017 14:02 PM

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