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Nerolac Excel Mica Marble: Shielding the pride of your dream home

Buying a house is once a lifetime decision. The financial and emotional investment in buying a house is what makes this decision so crucial. While buying the right house might take up a lot of time, there are other things that require an equal amount of attention post purchase. And one of them is using the right kind of paint.

Ever wondered why some exterior paints remain vibrant and imperishable even after a decade of service while others start peeling - off and flaking within a couple of years? The secret is the quality of the paint. To make sure your dream home looks like a dream even after years – Nerolac Excel Mica Marble Paint is the perfect option.

Nerolac Excel Mica Marble Paint is the most spectacular combination of technology introduced by Nerolac. The presence of mica in the paint makes it a great water barrier as mica flakes align parallel to the substrate and allow low moisture & gas permeability. Marble, on the other hand, provides a feeling of pride and luxury, similar to the castles of old and great estates of the finest quality where marble was the stone of choice. The presence of marble gives a smooth and glossy finish to the walls of your dream home. The paint also has other nifty features like great colour retention, good opacity and coverage, low dust pick-up, anti-algal performance and heat guard technology that keeps your home 5 degrees cooler than outside.

Nerolac ‘Excel Mica Marble Paint’ is a complete all-rounder that will protect your dream home against any impact.

Published Date: Jun 01, 2017 15:48 PM | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2017 15:48 PM

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