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'Sultan' review LIVE: What wrestling? Salman-Anushka's love trumps all in this typical YRF film

Jul 6, 2016

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    Salman Khan organised a special screening of 'Sultan' a day before its Eid release, for family and a few close friends
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    Fans of Bollywood star Salman Khan celebrated the release of his film 'Sultan' at the Imax Wadala multiplex, in Mumbai, India on 6 July 2016. Photo from Solaris Images
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    Was Sultan leaked online a day before its release? Several news reports on Wednesday, 6 July, said that Salman Khan starrer may have been leaked online a day before its release.
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It's Eid, and Salman Khan-starrer Sultan is here. First and foremost, Eid Mubarak everyone! Given that the advance booking for Sultan has been off the hook, with ticket sales starting from this Sunday, 3 July, this Eid is all set to be a record-breaker for Bhai.

Forbes reports that Sultan is being released on as many as 4,200 screens in India and 1,200 screens in the rest of the world. Most trade analysts have predicted that the opening day can gather close to 45 crores in the box office, and a lifetime collection of up to 300 crores.

The first look of Salman Khan in Sultan. Image Credit: @BeingSalmanKhan

The first look of Salman Khan in 'Sultan'. Image Credit: @BeingSalmanKhan

Sultan is the story of the rise and fall of a wrestling legend Sultan Singh. Hailing from Haryana, his path crosses Aarfa, played by Anushka Sharma, who is also a wrestler. Sultan then makes his journey from a kushti wrestler to an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. The buzz around the film is immense.

With Aamir Khan releasing the poster of his film Dangal merely two days before the release of Sultan, audiences are curious to know what the film has in store for Salman fans as well as audiences across the globe.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar explains in this interview with India Today about having Salman play a character like Sultan. "What I did was logically guided his star power into Sultan. People like him without a shirt. So I was like, okay, then let's make him a wrestler. He is shirtless plus wearing a langot. But it is not a gimmick. There is a justification. He looks the fittest he can. Also when a wrestler leaves his physical activity, he gets into a certain body size. So you see him heavy as well," he said.

In this live blog, we will be tracking how the film fares on day one, before the reviews are out. Since it is a Salman Khan film, keeping with his global reach, our correspondents will be visiting a single screen theatre in Bandra (Gaiety cinemas is known for their craze for bhai), a press screening by Yash Raj Films and a first day first show at a suburban multiplex, to find out how audiences all over are reacting to Sultan. 

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First Published On : Jul 6, 2016 11:29 IST

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