Shakira’s online baby shower: This is why we love her!

Jan 17, 2013

Los Angeles: Singer Shakira, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Gerard Pique, has launched an online baby shower and is asking fans to honour their child by supporting Unicef in giving underprivileged babies around the globe a healthy start in life.

The singer is Unicef Goodwill Ambassador and requesting fans to buy gifts for some of the world's poorest babies reports that the couple posted the invitation on Twitter on Wednesday.


"Dear Friends, Having our first baby is such an incredibly happy time for us. That's why we want to invite you to our baby shower… with a twist. Rather than asking you to give gifts to our new baby, we're asking you to honour him by supporting Unicef in giving underprivileged babies around the globe a healthy start in life. It would really mean a lot to us," the couple said in a joint statement on Twitter.

The virtual baby shower, launched on Jan 15, invites fans into Shakira and Gerard's virtual living room.

"You can choose an Inspired Gift from our registry — to give the gift of immunizations so more babies grow up healthy and disease free, rehydration salts to save children's lives and therapeutic food so babies will get enough to eat," the couple wrote.

"Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children that we do. Yet, many don't share the same opportunities. Together, we know that we can change that."

Shakira, 35, has been dating Pique for around two years and praised him saying, "This man is the best thing that could have happened in my life. And now the baby."

She only confirmed their relationship last year by posting a picture of them together on Twitter and Facebook with a caption reading, "I present to you my sunshine".

Here is the link to the virtual baby shower.


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