Salman Khan’s next project as producer? Feel good low budget films

Jan 31, 2013

Salman Khan's production company , Salman Khan Being Human Productions (SKBHP), is all set to produce low budget films that will almost always have a happy ending and a strong moral message as well.

SKBHP's first outing at the box office was in 2011 with Chillar Party that won National Film Award for Best Children's Film. And no there's no sequel in the offing. Not yet anyway.

Salman told Hindustan Times, that the production house is working on their next film and is going through two to three scripts.



Salman Khan, who's films often end up being a part of  the Rs 100 crore earning club and are often made on an extravagant scale, said that it was  imperative that the movies that his production house made were on small budgets.

“Technically, the money that goes into production isn’t the foundation’s money, since it goes from our pockets. Still, the idea is to make a good film with little money that brings in big business and helps our foundation grow,” said Salman.

The actor is vying for an audience that mainly consists of children as his target audience and reiterated that the banner aims to make 'feel good' films.

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