Salman Khan fans run amok in Kanpur after ‘Dabangg 2’ shoot cancelled

Sep 11, 2012

Kanpur: Salman Khan's fans here went on a rampage after a rumour that the actor was in town to shoot his new film "Dabangg 2", forcing police to resort to baton charge and arrest six persons.

The fans gathered around Bajaria police station here since afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of the 46-year-old
star, who plays a cop in the movie. But when told that the actor is not coming, they went berserk and vandalised the
police station.

The actor wasn't in the town at the time of the incident. Reuters

Police resorted to baton charge to control the crowd and arrested six people.

Salman's brother and the film's director Arbaaz Khan had apparently come here a few days ago for finalising details of location, which started the rumour that the "Wanted" actor was in town.

"The crowd was standing there hoping that Salman Khan is coming. To control the crowd we had to resort to lathi charge. We have filed complaint against many," said ACP Bharat Singh.

It was reported that few scenes of the film were to be shot here but the crew cancelled the shoot due to security reasons and decided to opt for Lucknow.


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