National Film Awards: Bagful for Paan Singh Tomar, Vicky Donor

by Mar 18, 2013

The 60th National Film Awards for 2012 were announced today with mainstream Bollywood films winning several awards.

At a joint press conference addressed by the chairpersons of the three juries, Basu Chatterjee for Feature Films, Aruna Raje for Non-Feature Films and Swapan Mullick for Best Writing on Cinema, Vicky Donor and Paan Singh Tomar emerged as the biggest winners.

Chatterjee said that the quality of entries this year was better than previous years.

Irrfan Khan and Vikram Gokhale were jointly declared best actors for their performances in Paan Singh Tomar and Anumati (Marathi) respectively.

Courtesy: ibn live

Courtesy: ibn live

The award for the best feature film was conferred on Paan Singh Tomar (Hindi), produced by UTV Software communications Ltd and directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia while Vicky Donor bagged the National Award for best film in the wholesome entertainment category. Sujoy Ghosh won the award for best original screenplay for his film Kahaani.

The best actress award went to Usha Jadhav for her performance in Dhag (Marathi). The award for the best Supporting Actor was given to Annu Kapur for the film Vicky Donor.

The award for the best supporting actress was shared by Dolly Ahluwalia for Vicky Donor and Kalpana for the Malayalam film ThanichallaNjan.

Parineeti Chopra received a 'special mention' for her performance in YRF's Ishaqzaade.

The National Award for best screenplay writer (adapted) was given to Bhavesh Mandalia and Umesh Shukla for the film Oh My God. Birju Maharaj won the Best Choreography award for his work in Vishwaroopam.

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