Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam and the many ‘firsts’

by May 4, 2012

The “first look” of the most awaited Kamal Hassan movie, Vishwaroopam is out, accompanied by a bagful of interesting trivia that make his ventures unique.

Touted as one of the most expensive films in India, estimated to have cost about Rs 150 crores, Vishwaroopam is a spy-thriller and is a complete Kamal Hassan show. He has part-produced, written and directed the movie besides playing the lead role.

Although the details of the theme are still under wraps, speculation by his fans on the internet seemed to suggest a psycho-thriller like Hannibal or a fast-paced action flick like Mission Impossible. Perhaps a combination of both.


However, there is no dearth of “firsts” for the movie: a premier for Hollywood biggies in Hollywood, screening at Cannes, new make-up techniques including the use of prosthetics, sets of international locations in Chennai and Mumbai studios, extensive outdoors in New York, his partner Gowthami designing the costumes, foreign technical crews and so on.

The film is also shot in digital.

Quarters close to Kamal also said that the film will be screened in the prestigious competition section of Cannes, where only the likes of Satyajit Ray had been featured from India. They also claim that the festival had relaxed its submission-deadlines to include the film.

“First look” is a new terminology used in Kollywood to unveil the visual details of the film that largely aid viral marketing and create internet buzz. The last to unveil the “first look” was Rajinikanth’s animation flick “Kochadaiyaan,” even before the film went to the floors. Reportedly Kamal has finished his movie.

However, the viral interest doesn’t necessarily translate into the success of a movie. The viral mania that the Tamil song “Kolaveri Di” had generated failed to impress the audience for its parent movie “3” at the theatres.

The film hadn’t set the box office on fire. Industry experts say viral marketing, can at best, create a good initial (the initial box office collection) for the movie and if the content is good, that will lead to block-buster results. But if the content is bad, the film will collapse (“hold over” in industry parlance) after the initial.

Here are the “first look” visuals of “Vishwaroopam” that will be released both in Tamil and Hindi:


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