Journey to Michael Jackson: Listen to Cory Monteith’s top five Glee songs

by Jul 15, 2013

Cory Monteith, who played Finn - one of the main protagonists of the hit television show Glee, was found dead in his hotel room, sending shock waves across the entertainment world.

Cory Monteith. AP

Cory Monteith. AP

He starred in four seasons of the show, which is known as much for its foot-tapping covers of popular songs as it was for its storylines. Check out Monteith's most memorable singing moments from the show below.

1. Don't Stop Believin': Journey

The Glee crew's journey began in the pilot, with this cover of the iconic Journey song. Cory was the star, as was the chemistry between his character Finn and Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, who was also Monteith's real-life girlfriend.

2. Losing My Religion: R.E.M

Monteith covered this R.E.M classic after the death of Kurt's father caused him to question his religion. The episode, 'Grilled Cheesus', became one of the most controversial ever.

3. The Scientist: Coldplay

Finn's cover of the Coldplay classic was an attempt to say goodbye to Rachel as she left the show.

4. Man In The Mirror: Michael Jackson

Cory donned a white tuxedo to belt out this Michael Jackson classic. Cory sang this song along with the rest of the Glee band, New Direction.

5. Can't Fight This Feelin': Reo Speedwagon

This was the song that started it all for Monteith's character. After Mr. Schue overheard the secretly talented football hero belting out a song in the shower, he couldn't fight the feeling, and he blackmailed Finn in order to recruit him to be the McKinley glee club's new star.

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