I, Me Aur Main trailer out: Watch John Abraham play a ‘man child’

Jan 29, 2013

The trailer of John Abraham's upcoming film I, Me Aur Main is out. While his last foray on the big screen in Race 2 had Abraham flaunting his abs, it seems the actor, in his next box office outing, will be a little less perfect than that. In fact, the trailer of I, Me Aur Main hints at a whole new level of imperfection that the actor will be portraying onscreen.

The trailer shows that the actor plays the role of a self-centered, good looking, music producer called Ishaan who is so full of himself that he barely has time for anyone else and is as unreasonable as a child in his demands.

There are three women in his life — a doting mother, his sister (played by Mini Mathur) and his girlfriend Anushka (played by Chitrangada Singh) in whose house he lives and yet refuses to help out in any way. In fact,  he even refuses to pay for milk saying "I drink my coffee black".

Courtesy: Youtube screengrab

Courtesy: Youtube screengrab

However, things start turning ugly after his attitude becomes unbearable for the women,  who have always been taken for granted by him and all of them snap ties with him.

In the meantime, he meets his neighbour Gauri (played by Prachi Desai) who teaches him how to care about his relationships and make them work. In the process, however, Ishaan falls in love with Gauri and is expected to make a choice between Gauri and mending his past relationship.

What happens next will be revealed on 1  March, when the film hit the theatres . However, here is the trailer of this film, that is directed by debutante Kapil Sharma.

Check out the trailer:

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