Big B pays tribute to Delhi victim with a poem

Dec 30, 2012

Mumbai: As the entire country mourned the death of the Delhi gang-rape victim, megastar Amitabh Bachchan has composed a moving poem as a tribute to her hoping that the world wakes up to the right and dignity of women.

Referring to the 23-year-old girl as Damini and Amaanat, the senior actor's poem in Hindi and English said that long after the candle light vigil and floral tributes would end, "...the 'fearless' (nirbhayata) fire that has been ignited, shall rekindle the flames in our hearts..."


Following is the poem:

"With the passage of time, the candles shall burn out and lose their flame... The flowers offered with devotion, shall in the absence of water, get dry and weathered out... The voices of protest both vocal and silent, shall lose their strength...

But the 'fearless' ( nirbhayata ) fire that has been ignited, shall rekindle the flames in our hearts... The waterless dry and weathered flowers, shall be brought to life drenched by the tears in our eyes...

With a burning throat the soul of 'Damini' and 'Amaanat', shall be voiced in the entire universe... That I am the Mother, sister and daughter of my Bharat... Respect and dignity are my birthright possessions...

Bharat the country is my Mother... Forget about me, become at least the recognised worthy face of your Mother..!!"


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