Anil ‘Mr India’ Kapoor missing from IIFA

Jun 12, 2012

Singapore: Anil Kapoor, who launched and promoted the 13th IIFA Weekend this year with much fanfare, was missing from the main event, prompting host Shahid Kapoor to take a few digs at Mr India's vanishing act.

The senior actor apparently couldn't attend the three day ceremony in Singapore due to work commitments but Shahid ensured that he was not forgotten.

Anil Kapoor. Reuters

A chair with his name on it was placed beside his brother Boney Kapoor's seat at the awards.

Shahid, during one of his acts, started addressing the missing Anil. When reminded by Ayushman Khurana that Anil was not present, Shahid pointed out that the actor was Mr India, so he couldn't be seen.

Anil and Bipasha Basu had announced this year's edition of IIFA at Singapore in April. While the actress turned up to perform at the awards show, Anil was missing in action at the event, which lacked much star power with Bachchan family and the three Khans --Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman--staying away
from it.


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