Adele likely to design for plus-size collection of Burberry

Sep 18, 2012

London: Singer Adele has been approached by British luxury fashion house Burberry for "plus-size collaboration."

The Someone Like You" singer is in talks with the British fashion house's chief, Christopher Bailey, about creating a line after he personally helped design her outfits during this year's awards season, reports


Adele, who is set to give birth to her first child with husband Simon Konecki later this month, and her stylist Gaelle Paul will reportedly team with the brand to create bespoke designs for stylish, curvy women.

''Adele has always had an interest in fashion and Christopher is keen to get her involved because she knows exactly what suits her and likes to be involved in the creative process," quoted a source as saying.

''He invited her to come to the studio with Gaelle and together they collaborated on creating dresses for the awards season with her. Adele was hands-on with her dress for the BRITs, and she did the same for her gown at the Grammys. There could well be a plus-size collaboration in the future," the source added.


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