A wife speaks: My husband, Shankar Mahadevan

by Aug 31, 2012

A wife speaks: My husband, Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan with Loy Mendonsa and Ehsaan Noorani. AFP.

He left listeners 'breathless' when he released his album of that name, and has gone from strength to strength since in partnership with Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa in movies such as Kal Ho Na Ho, Bunty aur Babli, and Dil Chahta Hai. His wife, Sangeeta Mahadevan talks to Firstpost about her other half, composer, singer, music lover Shankar Mahadevan.

Firstpost: Was he already a singer when you met him?

Sangeeta Mahadevan: No , not really. I knew him first when we were kids, I was 14 and we played badminton together. He lived in a building diagonally opposite our small ground floor bungalow in Chembur, and we would all get together and play every evening. I knew nothing of his background. I was not even aware he was learning to sing.

But there was some occasion surely when you heard him sing?

Well we used to hang around generally, and one day I heard him humming a Kishore Kumar song. I remember telling him, "You have a good voice, you could be a singer one day."

Was music the initial spark then?

No, I think we just fell in love. It’s almost natural at that age.

And marriage followed…

Not so quickly. I was so young and he was just two and a half years older. My brother, who is nine years older than me, and was also in our badminton group realized that I was in love, and he began the elder brother act. There were restrictions on our meeting after that. But of course we kept meeting.

Was he seriously into music by then?

Well, he was studying for his Engineering, and then completed it and got a job. But he had been learning Carnatic music and would perform at concerts. On the side there were jamming sessions with friends, where he played with the Divya Band. Music was a part of his life by then. Then just before we got married, about six seven months before the date, he quit his job.

Why did he do that? How did you react?

Music was his passion, and his job was hindering it. If he got a call, he would not be able to take the assignment because he had to go to work. It was a risk, but I was with him. He was so passionate about music that it was obvious that he needed to change tracks.

Shankar Mahadevan at a concert. AFP.

Was life a bit tough then?

When you are young you don’t think about the future. We both came from middle class families, and we were quite happy with whatever we had. We lived in his Chembur house with my in-laws. I gave up my job soon after marriage when I got pregnant. When work started coming in, Shankar would be away for long hours, at the studio...

That must have been tough, his being away so early in married life?

Of course I felt that my husband is not giving me enough time, and so early in the marriage. But we were in it together, and had known each other so long. Luckily for us, we had no family pressure either. His mother said, “it’s your life, you make your choices...” so there was no tension. We had an open house, I got used to it, there were people coming in and music happening all the time. The phone would keep ringing.

Now, we have learnt to get away from it, sometimes. We have a getaway farmhouse. No calls, no couriers, no people landing up... it’s amazing, and he makes time for it, for us. I think that shows how he balances his life and priorities.

Does he have time for any chores around the house?

He enjoys cooking. In fact, he is an excellent cook. I do believe if he had not been a singer, he would have been a chef. He loves to experiment with food, he can cook Thai, South Indian, make great salads and soups. It suits me fine, I am neither a great cook nor do I enjoy cooking.

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