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Suprateek Chatterjee

Oct 16, 2014

When Deepika met Catherine Deneuve at MFF, facepalm followed

When Deepika Padukone met French actress Catherine Deneuve, a powerhouse actress who's worked with some of the greatest filmmakers ever, the conversation that followed was deeply embarrassing. #Anupama Chopra #Catherine Deneuve #Deepika Padukone #Film festival #MFF #Mumbai Film Festival 2014
Mihir Fadnavis

Oct 15, 2014

What If review: Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan can't save this boring rom-com

What If could have been great if the film had explored the ironies in the scenes it sets up, Matsai’s script doesn’t. Instead, it plays out like any other rom-com. #Daniel Radcliffe #Film Review #Hollywood #Hollywood Movie #Movie Review for What if #MovieReview #Romantic Comedy #What if #Zoe Kazan
Suprateek Chatterjee

Oct 6, 2014

Haider review: Shahid, Tabu mesmerise in Vishal Bhardwaj's best so far

In this ability to tell a new story from a familiar and old one lies Bhardwaj’s genius. Haider isn’t just the best film in his trilogy; it’s the finest film of his career. #Bollywood #FilmReview #Haider #Haider film review #Haider Review #Movie review #MovieReview #Shahid Kapoor #Tabu

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Arjun Parthasarathy
Arjun Parthasarathy has spent 20 years in the financial markets, having worked with Indian and multinational organisations. His last job was as head of fixed income at a mutual fund. An MBA from the University of Hull, he has managed portfolios independently and is currently the editor of www.investorsareidiots.com . The website is for investors who want to invest in the right financial products at the right time.
Mahesh Vijapurkar
Mahesh Vijapurkar likes to take a worm’s eye-view of issues – that is, from the common man’s perspective. He was a journalist with The Indian Express and then The Hindu and now potters around with human development and urban issues.

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Firstpost Community

Jun 29, 2014

Hindi has put Indian culture on the world map

The primary aim of any language is to communicate. We can never imagine our lives without languages, can we? This is because we cannot live without communication. And this is precisely why languages have always played a dominant role in shaping our histories and have influenced the way we think and perceive things. #Hindi #Modi #Narendra Modi government
Firstpost Community

Jun 20, 2014

'Modi is reducing class divide by prioritising Hindi on social media.'

Don't misunderstand Modi's stress on Hindi. He is ensuring that people who speak their mother tongue are not inferior compared to the elite English class. #british #comment #Firstpost Community #Hindi #language #Narendra Modi #PM Modi #social media
Firstpost Community

Jun 16, 2014

'Govt should set up board to regulate NGO funding'

The government should either ban foreign funding of all NGOs altogether or allow this funding only when routed through a specially created autonomous Board. #Blogs #Civil society #comment #Greenpeace #IB #IB Report #India #InMyOpinion #Intelligence Bureau #leaked report #NGO funds #NGOs

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