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Devyani row: How would US react to a similar issue?

Dec 19, 2013

Editors note: This comment was made by a user who goes by the name Kaagemushsa on the article, How about some outrage over Devyani and the Adarsh scam?. As per Firstpost policy, comments are edited for language and grammar. 

By Kaagemusha 
This is getting funnier now.
Let us imagine a hypothetical situation - humor me please.

Devyani Khobdagade. Agencies.

Devyani Khobdagade. Agencies.

Any other country (let's say US) would go mental, if their (lady or man) diplomat is handcuffed, strip searched, and cavity searched. They would go on a monumental trip and their papers would be full of diatribe against the 'barbarism' of the other country.

They would take that country to town. In India, on the other hand, our leading lights of journalism, use such opportunities not to berate the others, but to dig and dig, and then dig some more muck, and throw heaps of it on our own.

No one is saying that what Devyani or he father did was right. But marvel at the behavior of the journalistic class. Stand in awe at their opportunism.

This is too funny. From cavity search to maids' plight to people in jail, and now to Adarsh scam. Well done guys. What a proud bunch of people we are.

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