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how can you be a grand master in chess@
- qwerty on Nov 18 at 06:27 PM
Hi Vishy, Many thanks for keeping Indian flag flying in Chess world. We are proud of you. I am a chess enthusiast trying to improve my chess skills, but not able to devote enough time (because of my profession). What is the quickest way to improve? Is there a possible to acheive a title by devoting limited time? Thank you.
- kulkarni_nagraj on Nov 18 at 05:56 PM
Hello sir.I m 13 now.I am 1712 elo rated from Nagpur.I want to ask you that how to identify the threats created by our opponent and how many hours I should practice to become GM like u at a very early age. Best of luck for ur World championship against Gelfand.
- prasad3192 on Nov 18 at 05:12 PM
Its a pleasure to have you here sir.And we are really greatful that you manage to find time inspite of your busy schedule.My question is a genuine doubt which i have,Is it really possible that someone can emulate FISCHER and reach where he reached,or more clearly Has chess changed so much from that era(Has read that Garry believes a chess revclution has spurted out) that it has become nearly impossible for someone to become a Super GM while working alone on his game.Once again thanks and all Indians are waiting in belief that you will successfully defend YOUR WC title against Boris Gelfand.
- bond_don11 on Nov 18 at 04:54 PM
Please advise on how to become a good chess player. I am 8 years old and very fond of chess
- funnysanskar on Nov 18 at 04:52 PM
First of all, I would like to thank you for all that you have given to the chess world and also how the rest of the world benefits from it. I would like to see all GM's & IM's alike have contracts like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, David Beckham and a slew of other professionals that make that much money. My thoughts were have the chess game played at different settings, like a blitz match to be seen on tv, so it could get people all over the world which would bring on big time promoters and sponsers like PEPSI, NIKE, FORD Motors and big time world banks. What do you think? Isaac M. Braswell, Chicago, Illinois, USA
- isaacmbraswell on Nov 18 at 04:07 PM
first a salute to u for making india proud. sir i 'm not a great follower of this game as i'm burdened with responsibilities which start & end with sir guide me hw u concentrate for so long i too want my nation to be proud of tell me.thanks & all the best
- kumarrajeshheroes on Nov 18 at 03:55 PM
With the advent of advanced chess engines a novelty is thoroughly analysed and a refutation is arrived immediately after just one game. How do you think the element of intuition can be increased over the board as it is almost impossible to play a novelty each game. Also i would like to hear some tips from you about time management. Thanks and best of luck for the coming finals.
- sashi.browney on Nov 18 at 03:54 PM
Sir I wanted to ask you, how much of your chess preparation depends on the games against the chess engines ? Do you prefer to play against human opponents while preparing for any tournament or do u play some games against computer ?
- pratham.lampard on Nov 18 at 03:31 PM
Hello Sir you have always made us proud, keep it up. my best wishes to you for the Tal Memorial tournament. Sir guide me to choose the best openings line and variations for higher level tournaments. thank u. Rupesh Tamang, Darjeeling, West Bengal
- rupeshtamang77 on Nov 18 at 03:09 PM
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