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2016 Auto Expo: Mahindra launches Mojo Tribe club

Mahindra launched the Mojo Tribe, its official Mojo owners club, at the 2016 Auto Expo. The company even has a dedicated a theme song that is a catchy rendering of Muddy Water's Got my Mojo Working by Indian band, Soulmate.

Mahindra aims at getting Mojo owners together through the club. The company has planned a series of organised rides through the year exclusively for Mojo owners. Called the Trails of the Mojo Tribe, there will be four rides named the Jungle Trail , Coastal Trail , Mountain Trail and Desert Trail. Each will provide a different environment and experience as the names suggest. Post these rides, will be the final Mojo ...

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First Published On : Feb 3, 2016 19:40 IST

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