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Vivek Kaul

Apr 27, 2015

Kingfisher debacle to United Spirits row: Charting out the great fall of Vijay Mallya

Over the last few years, Mallya has been battling the banks which have been going after his assets, for all the debt that is unpaid. To conclude, Mallya has always been too busy living his flamboyant lifestyle and that seems to have caught up with his businesses in the end. #Kingfisher Airlines #UB Group #United Spirits #Vijay Mallya

Apr 22, 2015

Cutting up a debtor’s body to SARFAESI: Small borrowers have always got a bad deal

small borrower has always had a tougher time in comparison to the large borrower. And this should not be the case. #Debtor #Raghuram Rajan #SARFAESI

Apr 21, 2015

Why real estate Ponzi scheme will continue despite new Real Estate Bill

The Bill requires real estate companies to compulsorily deposit half of the money raised from buyers for a particular project into a monitorable account. #PolicyWatch #Ponzi scheme #Real Estate Bill #RERA

Apr 20, 2015

Time to change your jingle: Rahul Gandhi’s garibi hatao rhetoric is like the Nirma ad

Congress party is a bit like the Nirma washing powder advertisement, which worked beautifully for a long period of time. In all these years the ad has basically stayed the same. (I have watched it since television first came to Ranchi in 1984). But Nirma is no longer the company it used to be. And the same is true for the Congress. #farmer rally #Garibi Hatao #Land Bill #Rahul Gandhi #Sonia Gandhi #UPA

Apr 17, 2015

Janata Parivar merger: Surviving till the next Lok Sabha polls is their biggest challenge

After the merger, the Janata Parivar will have 15 members in the Lok Sabha, which is minuscule to the 295 members that the Janata Party had. In the Rajya Sabha the party will have 30 members. In that sense, the party will provide very little challenge to Narendra Modi. #Bharatiya Janata Party #bIhar #BJP #ConnectTheDots #INLD #Janata Parivar #JD(S) #JD(U) #Narendra Modi #RJD

Apr 16, 2015

Indian firms are not creating enough jobs and reason is restrictive labour laws

The reason for the reluctance of Indian businesses to invest in sectors that are labour intensive is the restrictive labour laws #Arvind Panagariya #labour law #Niti Aayog #textile sector

Apr 15, 2015

Home loan rates get cheaper, but here’s a trick borrowers need to know

The real estate industry as expected has gone gaga over these interest rate cuts. #CREDAI #Economy #EMI #HDFC #Home loan #HowThisWorks #National Housing Bank #SBI

Apr 14, 2015

If Big Banks fail again, will Uncle Sam come to the rescue? You bet

The 2008 global financial crisis forced the Us government to rescue failing Wall Street banks, But has the situation changed, or are some banks still too big to fail? #Aid #Alan Greenspan #Barack Obama #Big Banks #BookExcerpt #Citibank #Dodd–Frank Act #Global Financial Crisis #US #US Fed

Apr 13, 2015

Decoding govt bonds: How borrowers are paying interest to themselves on their debt

The total government debt all around the world had stood at $33 trillion as of 2007. It has since jumped to $58 trillion, a jump of $25 trillion, at the rate of 9.3 percent per year. #Economy #European Central Bank #GDP #Government bonds #InMyOpinion #John Truman Wolfe