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Vivek Kaul

Mar 26, 2015

This is next: A $9 trillion problem of global finance thanks to rising dollar

here is a growing concern that companies in emerging markets have borrowed in dollars to essentially fund carry trades, where they are borrowing in dollars at low interest rates and then lending out that money at higher interest rates in their own country. #China #Dollar #global finance #India #Leman Crisis #United States

Mar 24, 2015

Management lessons we can learn from Rahul Gandhi, but he won’t

Indira Gandhi built the party in its current form. Rajiv enjoyed the power in the aftermath of her assassination. Sonia entered politics because the Gandhi family was used to power by then. And now Rahul, the weak grandson, is busy driving it into the ground. #Congress #Indira Gandhi #Rahul Gandhi #Rajiv Gandhi

Mar 23, 2015

Modi’s mann ki baat on land acquisition is the first attempt to explain reform in 25 years

Modi addressed this issue as well by saying: “In every household, the farmer wants only one son to stay in farming. But he wants other children to get out there and work because he knows that in order to run a household in this day and age different endeavours need to be made.” He then went to say that given this scenario what is wrong with the government acquiring land for building an industrial corridor and ensuring that jobs are created in the vicinity of where farmers live. #BJP #Clair de Lune #Land #Mann Ki Baat #Narendra Modi

Mar 19, 2015

How low inflation averted an imminent US Fed interest rate hike

First and foremost is the fact that inflation in the United States is well below the Federal Reserve's preferred target of 2 percent. #Bank of Japan #Economy #European Central Bank #Federal Open Market Committee #Federal Reserve #Inflation #InMyOpinion #Interest rate #Janet Yellen #William McChesney Martin

Mar 19, 2015

Sonia Gandhi-led Congress protesting against land bill is sheer hypocrisy

Congress chose not to do anything about the 1894 Land Acquisition Act for nearly six decades, even though it was in power in every decade after independence #Congress #Land Acquisition Act 2013 #Land Acquisition Ordinance 2014 #NDA #Sonia Gandhi

Mar 18, 2015

What technology expects us to do but none of us can

It is difficult to do two things at the same time. And that is precisely what technology makes us do #facebook #Smartphone #Technology #WhatsApp

Mar 16, 2015

SBI’s property e-auction: Why not show same aggression to corporate defaulters?

India's largest bank has not shown the same aggression when it comes to recovering money from big defaulters. In that sense the entire thing is very Orwellian—all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. #bad loans #corporates #Defaulters #Property auction #SBI

Mar 2, 2015

Stimulus and reforms don’t go together: Jaitley should have kept his fiscal deficit promise

Stimulus and reforms don't go together. Let's see if Jaitley and the Modi government are able to prove that wrong. Only time will tell. But with 282 members in the Lok Sabha, Jaitley should have kept his promise to bring down the fiscal deficit on 28/2. #Arun Jaitley #Budget #Budget2015 #Economy Budget 2015 #fiscal deficit #Union Budget 2015

Mar 2, 2015

Jaitley’s tax gimmick: Budget 2015 gives tax benefit of only Rs 52,221, not Rs 4.44 lakh

The finance minister Arun Jaitley during the course of his budget speech today remarked: “After taking into account the tax concession given to middle class tax payers in my last Budget and this Budget, today an individual tax payer will get tax benefit of Rs 4,44,200.” #Budget2015 #Common Man Budget #Common Man Budget 2015 #Data Budget 2015 #NPS #Union Budget 2015

Mar 1, 2015

Budget 2015: Why cut corporate tax but not personal tax, Mr Jaitley?

Around 3% of Indians pay income tax. If more corporates are likely to pay more tax at lower rates, can't the same assumption be made for individual tax payers as well? Further, like the corporates income tax laws, can't the personal income tax laws simplified as well? #Arun Jaitley #Arun Jaitley Speech #Budget #Budget2015 #Common Man Budget 2015 #Income tax #Personal Finance Budget 2015 #personal taxes #Union Budget 2015