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Venky Vembu attained his first Fifteen Minutes of Fame in 1984, on the threshold of his career, when paparazzi pictures of him with Maneka Gandhi were splashed in the world media under the mischievous tag ‘International Affairs’. But that’s a story he’s saving up for his memoirs…Over 25 years, Venky worked in The Indian Express, Frontline newsmagazine, Outlook Money and DNA, before joining FirstPost ahead of its launch. Additionally, he has been published, at various times, in, among other publications, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Outlook, and Outlook Traveller.

Jul 14, 2013

Quattrocchi’s death brings no closure to India’s ‘open secret’

The man at the centre of the Bofors scandal is dead today, but countless other Quattrocchis still strut their stuff in the power capital of India, wielding enormous leverage over defence acquisitions - and walking away with big-money bribes. #Bofors scandal #Corruption #Ottavio Quattrocchi #Rajiv Gandhi

Jul 13, 2013

‘Puppy’ analogy: How Modi’s media machine dropped the ball

For someone who has scrupulously avoided public articulation on the 2002 riots, Modi has quite uncharacteristically dropped the ball in his first significant media interview, in which he addressed the riots. #Gujarat riots 2002 #Media #Narendra Modi #PoliticsDecoder

Jul 11, 2013

The Indian telegram service will be forgotten after it STOPS today

No nostalgic sentiments may be induced by the news that , today, the Indian telegram service will come to a STOP. #OnOurMind #Technology #telecom services #Telegram #The Sound of Music #WhatsApp

Jul 5, 2013

Antony’s visit: Why the Chinese general’s warning matters

Chinese officials have dismissed Chinese General Luo Yan's tough talk against India as not representing the official view. But Luo frequently channels a hardline Chinese military view that is increasingly hard to dismiss. #AK Antony #Ch-India #Ladakh incursion #Luo Yan #military

Jul 4, 2013

Food security ordinance: Why UPA’s ‘good intentions’ are ruinous

The UPA government's resort to the ordinance route to hustle the food security measure through is undemocratic and reckless. #Food Security Bill #parliament #Right To Food #UPA government

Jul 3, 2013

US surveillance: Why Salman Khurshid is not a hypocrite

Khurshid's words may have grated, but on most of the issues that define the Indo-US bilateral relationship, India has pretty much pushed back against US overreach. #Barack Obama #diplomacy #Edward Snowden #Foreign policy #India #Salman Khurshid #Surveillance #World

Jul 3, 2013

Jet-Etihad deal: How UPA govt has perverted its FDI policy

The UPA government's larger failing is that in virtually every case, it has taken a well-intentioned policy measure and perverted it with whimsical and reckless exercise of discretionary powers. #Civil Aviation Ministry #Governance #Jet Airways #Jet-Etihad #Manmohan Singh #Naresh Chandra #UPA government

Jun 29, 2013

Advani, Omar, and the cynical politics over Article 370

Cynical politics over the decades has dragged Kashmir into a fine mess today; a war of words that doesn't consider the historical narrative on the subject of Article 370 doesn't help heal Kashmir's wounds. #Article 370 #Jammu and Kashmir #Jawaharlal Nehru #LK Advani #Omar Abdullah #PowerGames

Jun 28, 2013

Hot money galore: Why prophets of economic doom are wrong

Virtually every one of the scare-mongering end-of-the-world predictions in recent years from the prophets of economic doom have turned out to be false. Perhaps it's time for them to shut up. #Ben Bernanke #Gold #Monetary policy #Quantitative easing #Raghuram Rajan #US economy