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Varun Zaiwalla

Varun Zaiwalla

Varun Zaiwalla grew up in London and has written for DNA and the Hindustan Times in Mumbai. His love for arguing about the rules of cricket led him to become a lawyer. Now he wants to bring justice to sport, or bring sport to justice

May 20, 2011

ManU on honeymoon, but EPL excitement is still on

The EPL relegation battle is a lot like a bungee jump. It reminds you why it's great to be alive. #Blackburn #football #LastGasp #Premier League

May 9, 2011

This season has been all about the unexpected

Only real United fans expected them to win the league this year. Shorn of Cristiano Ronaldo and looking to the laughable Nani, the lazy Berbatov, the untried Hernandez and, most of all, the wanting-to-be-away Wayne Rooney, who could have expected this result? #Alex Ferguson #EPL #ManchesterUnited #Premier League #VictoryDance