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May 1, 2012

Prez elections: NDA divided over right candidate

The BJP has swung into damage control mode after ally JD (U) disapproved its unilateral decision. #JD(U) #NDA #NewsTracker #sushma swaraj

Jan 22, 2012

Libya’s NTC faces protesters’ wrath as it grapples with transition

The attack is a serious blow to the self-appointed but internationally recognised NTC, and underscores growing discontent over the way it is running the country. #Abdul Jalil #Libya #Muammar Gaddafi #NewsTracker #NTC

Nov 5, 2011

‘Hot as a filament wire’: Watch Vikram Seth’s fiery reading from his new book

Watch and hear Seth read from The Rivered Earth , a compilation of librettos written for a musical project for composer Alec Roth. #Du Fu #LitFest #Tata Literature Live #The Rivered Earth #Vikram Seth

Nov 4, 2011

Is there such a thing as an honest memoir, who’s to say?

Dishonesty and projection -- somewhere in there, the panel discussed the motives of a writer. And honesty. Conviction. Sincerity. And adherence to facts. #Ink In my Veins #LitFest #Nihal Singh #Tata Literature Live

Nov 4, 2011

Mumbai Litfest: I was wrong; the world is flatter than I thought, says Friedman

At the opening day of the Mumbai Litfest, Friedman was here defending a book he wrote six years ago. He maintains the world is flattening, in ways both good and bad. #LitFest #Tata Literature Live #The World Is Flat #Thomas Friedman

Oct 19, 2011

Duke’s brings back the sodas, but will it be the same?

Will these sodas stand for their own without the tease of being selectively available at quaint Irani joints is something to be seen. #Duke's #Jimmy Boy #Pepsi #Raspberry soda #ThingsWeLike

Oct 17, 2011

Occupy Mumbai: ‘We are already too crowded’

There is talk of an Occupy Mumbai on social media, planned for 29 October on Madam Cama road, but what you see so far screams 'don't go there'. #Occupy Mumbai #Occupy Wall Street #ThatsJustWrong

Oct 10, 2011

Fridge adventures: A perfect meal from simple ingredients

What Firstpost learned from a former trainee cook, who came to our staff member's house to cook a complete meal from whatever she could find in the kitchen was this: Simple ingredients can cook you a restaurant meal. #BasketCook #Fusion chicken #Lemon Coriander chicken #Nutella pancakes #Recipe

Aug 23, 2011

Iftar and after at Mohammad Ali road

If you forgive the frenzy, and get straight down to eating the Ramzan treats, you'd know you cannot try everything out. We did a short recce and came up with some finds you can try. #Iftar #Mohammad Ali Road #Ramzan #WanderingI

Aug 2, 2011

Form and fiction: a play with urban reality

An architectural illustrator who sketched unreal cities at 10, now builds dreams in 3D. #architecture #art #ThingsWeLike #Victor Enrich