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Friday, October 28, 2016 |Latest E-book
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Suman Srivastava

Suman Srivastava

Suman Srivastava is Founder and Innovation Artist at "Marketing Unplugged". He believes that creativity in marketing is too important to be left only to the "Creative" department. So his new company is focused on helping challenger brands create disruptive strategies. Read more at www.MarketingUnplugged.in

May 30, 2012

Will gamification solve your consumer loyalty issues?

Nike believes that more people will take up running and playing because of the FuelBand and thus would be in the market for Nike products. #Brand #FuelBand #Loyalty program #NIKE INC. #TechTrends

Apr 16, 2012

If you are in a commodity market, it’s your fault

Clearly there are no innovative categories or innovative brands. Just innovative people. #Business model innovation #Business/Finance #HowThisWorks

Jan 10, 2012

Want Loyalty? Don’t focus on rewards.

Ramu Dosawala has a loyal customer base, and no, he doesn’t have a rewards program. There is an important lesson here for marketers. #Best Buy #Brand loyalty #Geek Squad #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #Kingfisher Airlines #Marketing

Dec 27, 2011

This Tastes So … White!

We have always known that colours affect your mood. But guess what, it might even affect the way consumers perceive your product’s taste, service and value. #HSBC #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #social media #The Coca-Cola Company #TheOddAngle

Dec 13, 2011

Business shouldn’t be about war

We often think of business as being a war. The only way to win is to make the other guy lose. This article takes the view that businesses will make more money by abandoning this metaphor altogether. #A Beautiful Mind #Economics #Game theory #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #John Nash

Nov 29, 2011

It’s time mobile marketing made its own rules

Mobile still plays by the rules of internet marketing. But these new programmes for the mobile medium have successfully unleashed its true potential. #AdCulture #Heineken #Hippo #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #Mobile marketing #Nike #Tesco

Nov 15, 2011

Can the C in capitalism stand for conscience?

As the corporation becomes larger than the state, it cannot stay disconnected from the problems of society. It has to contribute. Not just by donating money but by aligning its core activities with the needs of society. #Coca-Cola #Crony capitalism #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #Social Welfare #ThisisNext

Nov 1, 2011

Consumers and the new addiction: customisation

The consumer today is addicted to customisation. Everything needs to be personal and unique to the consumer. And brands all around the world are noticing this trend. #AdCulture #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #Jones Soda #Starbucks

Oct 6, 2011

Why didn’t Apple just call it the iPhone 5? Here’s why

Freakonomics argues that Apple's decision to name the latest iPhone as 4s is bad marketing. It would have done better as iPhone 5. Would it, really? #http://www.firstpost.com/tag/notjobsbutpassion #iPhone 4S #iPhone 5 #Steve Jobs