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Sindhu Bhattacharya

Jul 28, 2015

Big Basket to unleash 2-wheeler deliveries as hyper local model catches grocers’ fancy

The convenience of getting groceries delivered to one's doorstep is no longer good enough. Now e-tailers in the online grocery space are going a step further by adopting the hyper local model. This leads to shorter delivery times, brings in more efficiency into the whole bargain and these e-tailers get a bigger share of the customer's wallet. #bigbasket #Ecommerce #Grocercies

Jul 13, 2015

Keep maximum fares 2.5-3 times average: Aviation ministry nudges airlines

Air fare regulation sounds good if one is a votary of mindless populism, since world over market forces are allowed to prevail. #A Gajapathi Raju #Business #Civil aviation #DGCA #Mahesh Sharma #Ministry of Civil Aviation #NewsTracker

Jul 10, 2015

Cancellation, rescheduling, no-show charges: everything seems to be in DGCA crosshairs

The DGCA started enquiries on cancellation charges after it was noticed that several airlines had raised these steeply and one after the other, in quick succession. #airlines #Aviation #DGCA #LCC

Jul 9, 2015

Rijiju row: Real drama behind Air India’s VIP woes and how it may again escape consequences

Air India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this past week, prompting sceptics to again question the rationale of this Government shying away from privatizing the white elephant. The airline continues to bleed even though thousands of crores having been pumped in as equity over the years, has missed key milestones of its turnaround plan and is facing stiff competition from private airlines. Should the Government not do a serious rethink on its Air India festish? #air india #Leh #VIP

Jul 3, 2015

Air India and its Leh troubles: airline under DGCA probe along with GoAir

Aviation regulator DGCA may issue a notice to Air India and GoAir for operating flights to Leh in bad weather on June 26. #air india #DGCA #GoAir #leg #Leh

Jul 1, 2015

IndiGo profits: Lowest cost structure, highest margins among all Indian airlines?

IndiGo's aggression and what some call an overoptimistic assessment of the growth potential of Indian aviation market was apparent from day one. #air india #Aviation #Business #CompanyWatch #Draft Red Herring Prospectus #GoAir #IndiGo #Jet Airways #SpiceJet

Jun 30, 2015

Rahul effect? Govt doesn’t want to be pro-corporate, goes slow on scrapping 5/20 in aviation

Fear of a bitter campaign by a united Opposition is a large factor in the ministry of civil aviation dragging its feet on any decision vis-a-vis the 5/20 rule #5/20 rule #Aviation #Rahul Gandhi

Jun 29, 2015

Taxiing for long, aviation ministry set to take off under Mahesh Sharma

Policy issues such as a decision on scrapping the 5/20 rule, putting in place a comprehensive civil aviation policy and a policy on air services agreements with other countries were left hanging #5/20 rule #AAI #DGCA #Mahesh Sharma #Ministry of Civil Aviation

Jun 22, 2015

IndiGo closing in on 40% market share, SpiceJet scripts remarkable turnaround

Jet Airways' domestic network seems to have taken the worst hit during the five months under review - combined market share of Jet Airways and JetLite has fallen from 24.1 percent in January to just 21.5 percent now. #AirAsia #Aviation #DGCA #GoAir #IndiGo #Jet Airways #JetLite #NewsTracker #SpiceJet #Vistara