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Mar 23, 2012

Khoya iPad app: When a reader becomes part of the story

When Shilo Shiv Suleman presented Khoya, an iPad app for children, at Ted Global 2011, she said she wanted to use the technology of the iPad to enable magic. And what better magic than a story you can be a part of? #AppReview #Interactive storytelling #iPad #Khoya

Feb 29, 2012

Will Smash n’ Survive herald a new era for Indian games?

Rajat Ojha of Version 2 Games talks to us about their new game, Smash n' Survive for PS3, undoubtedly one of the the best current generation games developed by an Indian studio. #PlayStation 3 #Rajat Ojha #Smash n' Survive #Vehicular combat games #Version 2 Games #VeryCloseUp