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Shishir Prasad

Shishir Prasad

Shishir Prasad is a Deputy Editor at Forbes India. He has written on technology, corporate strategy, private equity and entrepreneurship, perhaps in the hope of finding a grand unified pattern that connects all of them. Sometimes he has been successful at spotting a semblance of a pattern. At other times he has simply filed a story. When he doesn’t have a deadline to meet, he loves to read anything he can lay his hands on and play squash till his feet hurt. Here, he blogs mostly on private equity and the business of technology.

May 16, 2011

9 things that could move the market today

US credit-worthiness is on slippery ground. Weak start to Asian markets could be a drag on sentiment and the petrol price hike is likely to fuel inflation in the coming months. #Finance #Novartis AG #Reliance Infrastructure #Stock market #Whileyouweresleeping

May 9, 2011

9 things that could sway the market’s mood swings today

Infosys sees backlash to outsourcing; auto majors rev their engines, while the Greek debt crisis lingers. #Andhra Pradesh #BSE Sensex #Greece #Jaguar Land Rover Ireland Limited #Naryana Murthy #Stock market #Tata Motors #Whileyouweresleeping

Apr 26, 2011

Did Voda play it fair with Essar?

Vodafone said that Essar had exited the company and Vodafone paid $5 billion for that privilege. That set me thinking- Did Vodafone pay too much or too little? #DealStream #Essar Group #Hutchison 3G #valuations #Vodafone Essar