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Firstpost is thrilled to introduce Shining Path, an audience member who will begin blogging for us on a regular basis. In his own words: "Shiningpath had enough! 6451 days of debilitating non-work in corporate corridors, cubicles and windowless cabins. Chained to protocols, bound by hierarchies and surrounded by people with core competencies. So he hit the self-eject button, and found himself a nice hammock – from where he now watches the world , reads, attempts to write , gives a comment here, a commentary there...unsolicited mainly….and moonlights as a freelance business consultant in Bangalore.

Jul 24, 2012

Why Indian politics is a badly run family business

Dynastic politics was always a major part of the nation's politics but is it growing in India and making the second generation political leaders richer? #Dimple Yadav #Dynastic politics #PoliticsDecoder #Rahul Gandhi #Supriya Sule

Jul 18, 2012

How to use an SMS to know the secrets of our netas

Can an SMS be used to know our netas better and help us make better choices during elections? Evidently. #Elections #India #Politics #PoliticsDecoder #SMS

Jul 5, 2012

Dear Nitish, remove criminal politicians in Bihar, then aspire to be PM

Not surprisingly, despite claims of having cleaned up in the state Bihar's legislators, Nitish Kumar presides over an assembly which has a large number of leaders with criminal cases against them. #bIhar #criminals #Nitish Kumar #Politicians #PoliticsDecoder

Jun 29, 2012

Maharashtra’s politicians no better than UP’s Assembly thugs

Maharashtra's politicians may not have as much of an image problem as their counterparts in Uttar Pradesh. However, the number of elected politicial leaders with criminal records that Maharashtra has aren't any lower. #Congress #Maharashtra #OnOurMind

Jun 26, 2012

UP Assembly thugs: How Akhilesh has broken his promise

In the first part of a series looking at criminals in state assemblies, we turn our gaze to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly which according to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav was to be cleaned of all criminals and lumpen elements. #Akhilesh Yadav #Crime #Politics #PoliticsDecoder #Samajwadi Party #U.P State Legislative Assembly

Jun 4, 2012

Would TV commentators love Team Anna if they wore Gucci?

Do commentators on television need Anna Hazare and Team Anna to be more like them in order to support their case? #Anna Hazare #JustSaying #kiran bedi #Prashant Bhushan #Swami Ramdev

May 28, 2012

Engineering a retail scam like Reebok? Here’s how

Everyone now knows about the Reebok scam but it's not the only retail chain in India where corporate governance is an issue. Here's why. #CEO #Corporate governance #Gordon Gekko #Reebok India

May 23, 2012

So simple! How info combats Neta’s corruption

In the concluding article of this series on our parliamentarians, we look at how though crime may pay for MPs, it can be combatted by merely informing voters better. #ConnectTheDots #Corruption #Informed voters #Reforms #Team Anna

May 21, 2012

Crime and our netas: a cozy nexus?

While we may believe that our political leaders should have the highest integrity, data shows otherwise. #Crime #Nexus #Politicians #PoliticsDecoder #Vohra Report

May 16, 2012

Parliament at 60: How rich are our netas!

Being an MP in India is hardly unprofitable, most of our nations legislators have seen their incomes rise and their rising wealth also ensures they stay in power. #HowThisWorks #MPs #Parliament of India