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Firstpost is thrilled to introduce Shining Path, an audience member who will begin blogging for us on a regular basis. In his own words: "Shiningpath had enough! 6451 days of debilitating non-work in corporate corridors, cubicles and windowless cabins. Chained to protocols, bound by hierarchies and surrounded by people with core competencies. So he hit the self-eject button, and found himself a nice hammock – from where he now watches the world , reads, attempts to write , gives a comment here, a commentary there...unsolicited mainly….and moonlights as a freelance business consultant in Bangalore.

Oct 30, 2012

Achtung Baby: Thugs headed for Himachal Assembly!

In stark contrast to the cacophonous white-noise on meaningless lip-serviced stuff like good governance, cleaning up the polity and putting up cleaner candidates, almost ALL political parties have reflexively regressed to the tried and tested practice of putting some garbage into the electoral funnel once again. #Elections #India #Political Decoder #Politics #SMS

Oct 29, 2012

Rich Jamai Raja, poor Sasu-Ma and the ‘untouchables’

India has been reduced to a Scamrashtra. Laughably fatuous protestations to the contrary, by formulaic polemicists notwithstanding. #Arvind Kejriwal #Corruption #HowThisWorks #Robert Vadra #Sonia Gandhi

Sep 25, 2012

Electoral Reforms: Why 26 September could be an important day

On 26 September the CIC has asked all office bearers of political parties to present themselves to explain why they haven't given information on their sources of funding. #CIC #Electoral reforms #OnOurMind #RTI

Sep 13, 2012

Electoral reforms: How secret is your ballot?

Has the lack of electoral reforms prevented India from choosing political leaders of its choice? #Election Commission #Elections #Electoral reforms #India #PoliticsDecoder #Right to Reject

Sep 7, 2012

Does a disrupted Parliament mean electoral reforms are in the offing?

The Indian political establishment has strenuously opposed all attempts to clean it up but is there hope? #Electoral reforms #India #Lokpal #parliament #PoliticsDecoder

Aug 28, 2012

Grab-o-cracy and the 15 other forms of Democracy in India

While India is a democratic nation, there are various forms of it that can be seen throughout the country. Here's what some of them are like. #Corruption #Crime #Democracy #India #JustSaying #Politics

Aug 16, 2012

Should the Judiciary introspect over Mamata’s kolaveri?

Mamata Banerjee needs to be castigated for her statement but why shouldn't the judiciary be questioned? Their record has certainly not been blemish-free. #Gopal Kanda #Judiciary #lawyers attack scribes #Mamata Banerjee #OnOurMind

Aug 14, 2012

Leaked: Manmohan Singh’s Independence day speech!

Leaked: Manmohan Singh's speech that he will make at the Red Fort tomorrow. #15 August #CriticalPoint #Independence Day #Manmohan Singh

Aug 8, 2012

How Parliament’s monsoon session will flop thanks to coal-gate

Here's why coal gate and CAG will ensure that nothing productive is going to happen in the monsoon session of Parliament. #CAG #Coal-gate #InMyOpinion #Lok Sabha #Manmohan Singh #Monsoon session #parliament #Rajya Sabha

Aug 6, 2012

Why do our criminal politicians need guns?

Why do our politicians need guns given that they already have police protection? What makes it worse is the fact that most of our gunslinger MPs have criminal cases against them. #guns #India #Indian MPs #ThatsJustWrong